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House censures New York Democrat Jamaal Bowman for pulling fire alarm

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to censure New York Democrat Jamaal Bowman for pulling a fire alarm while attending a doctor’s appointment in July.

The resolution, which passed 216-174 with no Republicans in favor of it, officially censured Bowman as well as condemned his actions.

Bowman has since apologized for the incident and expressed regret for his actions.

However, he did not express regret for his views on the ethics committee, which is responsible for oversight and enforcement of House rules.

In a statement following the resolution, Bowman said he “fully” accepted the vote and “will always respect the authority of the caucus and the Rules Committee.”

He acknowledged the importance of upholding the decorum of the House and said that he had taken the vote as an opportunity to learn from his mistakes.

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